Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay, I have been living in the USA now for 11 years...I like it fine down here there are are few things I would change if I ruled the world, but I don't so I am happy with what is here. One thing though that I have really had a bit of a deal with is Thanksgiving. In Canada it is in October so after thanksgiving it can be all about Christmas which is nice because you can enjoy all that time of the season... Here you have Thanksgiving and then 4 weeks later it is Christmas. Just too I am the type of person that wants to give thanksgiving its own holiday so I wait to put the tree up until the day after Thanksgiving, But it kills me sometimes to wait. This year the stores have almost seemed to cut thanksgiving out. At Walmart down there isle of season stuff I saw discounted halloween things and then christmas on the other side. Where is thanksgiving you ask..??? It was on the end of the isle and only had about 2 feet of room of things. There may have been another one on the next isle that big also.

Anyway, Enjoy the quick season of Thanksgiving and Christmas...I love this time of year. I don't like the cold but I love this time of year.

Cold......which brings me to my next thought. I think if it is going to be cold there should be snow. Yes, it is crazy to drive in but I think it makes me less mad about the cold when there is snow. (k maybe not). But if there is snow then there is a reason to be cold. Right??

Enjoy the season! and the cold (I guess)!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know what I will invent!!!

As I am sitting here needing to fold the Mountain of Laundry that is sitting her I have figured out what I can invent. I AM GOING TO INVENT Disposable Clothes. I think it is great. They will be make of very earth friendly paper material of some kind and after you are done with it you can put it in your Fire place and burn it. Then it won't clog the garbages.... There will be no Laundry, no garbage... Win Win!!!! Yay. I need to get started....haha.

For my thought of the day.........I love days you can just stay in and get things done, especially when it is a little chili out. Enjoy your kids and make a nice warm supper. I have so many things to get done and it is nice to just have a day to try and get everything done. Or at least a few thing.....


Monday, October 11, 2010

The road to He%% is paved with good intentions.

HAHAHA, I always think I am full of good intentions, and I asked Neil a few years ago what that saying was that talked about good intentions. When he told me what it was It was not what I was thinking.... Anyway, it just makes me laugh anytime I think I have good intentions.

I was going to blog the next day after my last posting. I had a great thought of the day and everything. WELL, here we are a month later. I now have a thought of the month that will hopefully end up thought of the week or maybe even thought of the day at some point in my life....

So, my thought of the day is the one that I was going to use 1 month ago. I was taking Regan to preschool as there was a sticker on the back of a truck that caught my eye. It was of a cowboy was kneeling down by a grave with a horse right behind him . First of all I love horses and grew up riding horses at my grandpa's house. Also I have a little bit of a cowgirl in me and loved that picture. It made me think of my grandpa, horses, home. Enjoy your family, friends, loved ones. People come in to our lives that make us smile. That is nice. I love smiling and think life is so much more enjoyable when we enjoy what we are doing. Even the crappy parts of it. So look for the happiness in your life!

Alright, so there is my thought for the month that will hopefully end up being sooner next time!!

Enjoy your Day, I am off to get kids from school!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things to be grateful for.

Okay, I know in June when I wrote I wanted to keep blogging and do it more often. Well summer has come and gone and now we are in a new school year and I really want to blog often and just thoughts. I might do a thought for a day or something like that although it might end up as a thought for the week.

Summer was GREAT. We went down to Florida and enjoyed a week on a beach!!!! It was so relaxing and just what this worn out mom of 6 needed. I even took pictures of my feet in the sand so everytime I looked at it I could go back there and imagine what it was like. It was great. We went with Neil's sister and her family and had a great time. We also stayed with them for a week and enjoyed being around cousins. We had a lot of fun.

School has started and yes I was very excited. You have to know I love my kids more than anything in the whole world but by the end of summer when they are getting on each others nerves it is time.... I also enjoy now that I can clean my house in the morning and it actually stays clean until they get home.

For my thought of the day today.... I think we need to enjoy the little things. This summer I bought a mint and lemon verbena plant along with a few other plants. When we have lemonaide and smoothies we love putting mint and lemon verbena in it. I just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning up and I went out to get myself some lemon verbena and mint to put in my lemonaide. I thought to myself this is something so little but it sure makes me smile and feel like I am taking a minute for myself. I think we need to enjoy those little minutes that bring a smile to your face.

Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, it is summer. How lovely!! I actually am always so excited for summer. I always picture us waking up slowly after I have slept in until 8:00 a.m. with my kids getting themselves breakfast and not bothering me in my blissful sleep!! Ha, Ha, Ha. The first week is crazy with Austyn having swim camp from 7-9 a.m. the getting Ridley to Cub Day camp then having the rest of the day which was nice and then getting Ridley again. There were more that happened in that week but I can't remember what it was. I have now blocked it out and moved on to this week where I am running all morning taking kids to Discover summer school which is a fun thing for Madison and Ridley to Gymnastics which he will now spend about 81/2 hours at the gym per week. It could be worse but he really wants to become an olympic gymnast so he loves to do it.

Well, there have only been a few times that I have cursed summer holidays!! But then I get the kids doing something so I can have a little break and then it is all good. I am happy Regan will be going to preschool next year. Anyway, I love them home and it has overall been nice. We have gone to the pool which they love! Reece even loves it now. He was not to excited about it at the start.

Thanks for all your comments. I am glad to see that people read my blog and care about "The Roelofs Story".

Enjoy your DAY!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love the mountains. Well, that is I like to have them at least 1 hour away. Alberta is perfect. You can see the beautiful mountains in the background but you still have the beautiful prairies, harvest, etc. I changed my blog picture and I can see mountains. Nice.!!

We were going to go up to Canada this summer. Plans have changed and we are now going to Florida. We are going to spend a week on the beach and I am totally excited to soak up the sun in between watching 6 kids that is. It will be fun. I will miss Canada, Friends, Family and most of all slurpies with ice cream. No I will miss family the most but slurpies with ice cream are right up there!!

Summer is here and it is not too bad. Things are going well. The kids are doing a job in the morning and making sure their room is cleaned. That is nice. We get the things done during the day and also have fun. Especially today with the sun shining and looking like it won't rain. I think we will be heading to the pool today!

I have been thinking lately about kids growing up. There are times when I wonder if I will make it through the day with little kids. But I always can take a step back and relax. I know I will be sad when they are older but I can't wait for that time also. I think it will be a whole new back of having fun. I am preparing myself now to realize that they will grow up and I will miss it. I am really enjoying every moment, hug, cuddle, and I love you that I have with them right now. They are great kids and I am happy to be their mom!

Well, I hope you have a great summer, enjoy yourselves and be safe!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Did I make a difference"

It has been such a long time. I actually didn't think I would blog again. I just don't seem have things to blog about when I sit down to the computer. But I just read a friends blog and it really reminded me of all the choices I have made and how I am mostly happy with those choices.

I recently taught a class at a Stake Youth Activity about Talents, Confidence and shining from within. I am passionate about shining from within and confidnece and talents. And I love how all of the them intertwine. We went over the parable of the talents and it really taught me a lot after hearing it for years. I quoted from someone about how it wasn't about how many talents we are given, but did we make a difference. It really made me think of one day if I am asked "Carrie, Did you make a difference." I hope to say "yes". I know there are some days we all feel we make more of a difference than other days. And that is okay. We are here to progress and to keep doing better.

I gave my older 4 children a little book each last week. I told them to start a "Grateful Journal". I loved Journaling when I was younger. I have books upstairs in a bin of my journals. I think it is so neat to go back and read things. I need to do it with my kids sometime. I am sure they would love that. But I also did one for me. 3 things I am grateful for everyday. Journaling has been not so good lately but I miss it. So I thought this is something to go through and look at the positives of my day. And it does not take but a minute to jot them down. It has been really neat and I can't wait to go back and look at how what we are grateful for changes at different times. It also lets me reflect and think, "Did I make a difference today" . Life can be hard, it can be so busy, and it can be frustrating. But there are also so much we have to be grateful for as we look at the moments in our day.

School is coming to a close in 5 1/2 weeks. I like the summer starting because it is nice to say you can sleep in. We never do but I like that we can just do whatever. I am however so excited to have school start again. The kids have done so well this year and I am so proud of all of them.

So, I will blog again.