Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy day

Well, we just had a foot of snow dumped on us within the last 24 hours. It is very beautiful I must say. The kids had a snow day so that meant we did not have to go anywhere. After lunch the kids bundled up and went outside to play. I think they were out there for a few hours. The younger two were sleeping. It was nice. I did my run, which just about killed me but I did it. I am very happy about it. But we had a great day. I think I shoveled our front walk and steps 3 times today and the sidewalk in front of our house and my neighbors house. But it was great to be outside and it was very peaceful and beautiful.

I finally got my permanent implant tooth in on Monday. I was so excited to have it done. It was February of 2005 when I went in to ask the protodonist Dr. Haganman about it. Then I went to Dr. Parks the orthodontist for Braces, then I went to Dr. Fredricks the oral surgeon for my bone graft and my surgical implant and then I just went to Dr. Haganman again and got my permanent tooth in. I am really happy with it. Before it was on my retainer since I got my braces off and so I knew if I didn't feel my retainer then I knew I forgot to put it in. It has happened a few times that I have left the house to go to HYVEE and realize it was not in. Now I don't have to worry. There will always be a tooth there. A pretty expensive little tooth for everything I needed done but it is very nice.

Anyway, I was singing songs with Josie tonight and we were singing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam and when she sang the sunbeam part she said sunbeep. It was so funny. I tried to keep singing without laughing because it was so cute. we did get through the song but I think she thought it was a pretty funny song the way I was laughing a little. Very Cute.

If anyone would like to buy snow from us I will sell it to them quite cheap. We have quite a bit of it to get ride of. It is pretty and I do like winter when it is not -40 degrees out. That is not fun. But when it is around freezing I don't mind it.

Well, I am off to let our neighbors dog out to go to the bathroom. THis is my last night to do it because she will be home tomorrow. I am happy about that. I have been doing it for the last couple of weeks. I don't mind doing it at all because she is such a great, sweet neighbor but I am always glad when she gets home. Good night!