Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, the other night I think I totally could have eaten a whole package of bacon. I had fed the kids supper and I totally was craving bacon so I cooked it up. I did share some with the kids because I know they like it also but I really could have eaten it all. The unfortunate thing about being pregnant and eating bacon is you don't feel like it after and it is all you can smell for 2 days. Oh well.

Things are going well. I found my first varicose vein and I am really sad. I thought I was free and clear of them because I have not had them with any other pregnancy. Well, I had a pain on my leg and I just thought it was leg pregnancy pain and then I saw it last night. I was pretty sad. I called my sister because has dealt with them more than I have. Anyway, I guess we are starting that. Not fun.

We had a crazy week but luckily soccer has been cancelled most of the week. The only problem is they keep rescheduling it. Oh well, the kids love it.

I took them to the Coralville Mall last night because the children's museum was free and so was the merry-go-round. They had a lot of fun. We got home and got to bed by ten and I was hoping they would have a good sleep in. Most of them did which was nice. Right now everyone is bathed and ready for bed. Neil is reading Narnia with Ridley, Josie is watching a movie laying down. Austyn is reading Nancy Drew, Madison is cleaning the attic while she watches tv. (I hope anyway) and Regan is down here pushing a truck around. It is very quiet and we are winding down and going to get to bed early. Life is great!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring may be on its way.

Well, spring may be on its way. We are supposed to get warm this week. It was very nice and sunny today but still cold. We will see. We went down to Georgia for Spring break. It was nice. Very nice weather which was nice to see. The kids had fun playing with each other. The drive back was long. I have kind of felt lousy all week. Hopefully it starts getting better.

Josie asked me the other day "How the baby got in my tummy?" I was kind of stumped for a bit. Actually I still am. She is 4. Anyway, things have been going well.

It was Stake Conf. today. I went with Josie because some of the kids were not feeling good. The choir sang "All Glory Laud and Honor" It is very pretty and I love it. There is another song that we sing in the choir that is "Praise to the Man" A very neat arrangment of it. I love singing in the choir.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else that is going on.