Friday, May 23, 2008

Something to talk about.

I always have great things to talk about on my blog and then I don't get to the computer and when I do I can't ever remember what it was I was going to say. It is really raining right now, which is okay. We laid some grass seed down and rain will be great for it. We lived in Victoria, British Columbia for a few years and so rain really does not bother me. We would just go on with our lives rain or no rain.

Last weekend we went to Fargo North Dakota. Neil ran a Marathon there. It was a lot of fun. The hotel was great and it had a great breakfast every morning, which is my favorite meal of the day. The kids had fun in the pool, and there was a GREAT king size bed that at times when I was laying in it surrounded by pillows it was a good as heaven or so I think. Anyway, it was great. Neil finished the race despite leg cramps at mile 5 but he did really well and we are very proud of him. He wants to do a couple next year. The Fargo Marathon and then there is another one in Minnesota sometime in June next year. He enjoys it. We went to the Red River Zoo in Fargo which was really cute and the kids had a lot of fun. We just made it a nice vacation.

Anyway, kids are doing well. I am watching the bus pick up Austyn and Madison right now. Ridley's already came. I am glad it is Friday and next week we have a 4 day week and then our last week after that with 4 1/2 days. YEAAHHHH!! I love it when summer comes!!! I am also equally excited when school starts again but I love everything to be done for the summer just to have a break and relax. I actually I always picture sleeping in a little longer in the summer and usually it never happens but I am always excited for it none the less.

I have started a jar of jobs that every day the kids will do one thing out of it per day. Some have FREE DAY written on them which Austyn was quite excited about and then I said you can't look through all of them and she was a little bummed. It will be fun and have them help out with something every day before we do something fun.

We are going up to Canada this summer. I booked Neil's flight. I will be going up July 20 - August 10 - 15th. Neil is flying up July 24th - August 5. The kids are very excited for it although after our drive to Fargo Austyn was a little not excited for the 22 hour drive. Fargo is only 7 hours away from us. But I have found as we go down to Georgia and Fargo and Canada, it really does not matter how far you go a trip is a trip. But I try and make it fun and enjoyable. We get to see a lot of things on the way. But I try not to stop very much for sight seeing. So anyway, we are all excited to come up and see everyone up there.

Well, I am signing off. I have my 2 year old wanting to go eat. He already got some waffles but I guess that did not do it for him. He has been really clingy lately and I just think I need to go away for a week and get him over that but it would probably kill me to be away from the kids.

See you later!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, it is getting warmer here in Winterland Iowa. Actually the Snow is all gone for a while now and it has really been nice this week.

The kids are doing well. They amaze me so much all the time. I really enjoy them in my life. I love to take every minute with them and enjoy them and help them or do what I can to make life fun for them. There are times I like to just sit but I really like to do things for them.

Today is a cleaning day since we have not one thing to do. I do not have one thing on my calendar for today which amazes me. I am so excited just to do nothing but catch up and enjoy the night.

Well, I had more things to say but now I cannot remember anything because I waited to long to write it. I sure enjoy reading peoples blogs and how things are going with them. It is a lot of fun.