Friday, September 16, 2011

Made it!

Well, I know I wanted to blog more often, and I really had good intentions to do that. But when I sit down at the computer I don't have anything to say. It is while I am running around cleaning up, dropping kids where they need to go and taking them to the parkk that I have all the great ideas. I don't think I am a blogger by any means. But I guess this is here now for my friends in Iowa and around to see what we are up to....;-) We left Iowa in July. Drove to Wilsonville Oregon. It was a great 3 day drive. We made it, all 6 kids in tow. From the time we left Iowa and then ended up back in Wilsonville after our trip to Canada I had driven over 5000 miles in less than 1 month. CRAZY. But our summer was one I am sure I will never forget. But it will always keep me grounded. I was looking for an adventure but got so much more than that. Most of it has been good. I am just so happy that school finally started because I think the kids were going crazy being around each other every day. ALL DAY. Or mainly I was going crazy. But it started and they are doing well. Getting into the swing of things again. They all seem to like it here. Austyn is even showing little signs of liking it although I doubt she will let me know for a while that she likes it. The weather here has been GREAT. I love the weather. It has been fairly sunny which is nice...and yes I do know it will be cloudy and rainy a lot....;-) I miss a lot of people but happy to be closer to drive home if we need to. My mom ended up having heart problems this last week and I was on standby if I was to go up. I was so happy that I could pick up and go if needed to help them. Well, I will try and update my blog when I can. Hopefully more often. Well the kids came in and now I have to go break up an argument. Got to love it.