Thursday, March 31, 2011

Change is in the air....

I guess things can't stay the same forever...which is sad but also can bring on new adventures in life. We are moving to Portland Oregon. Iowa has been our home for almost 12 years. I love Iowa. There are GREAT schools, GREAT open land, GREAT corn....;-), and GREAT GREAT friends. People who have been my family for a long time. One nice thing is that we are getting closer to family. My family and I are SOOO excited about this because it has been a long time. To only be 12 hours away from them instead of 24 hours away from them is so wonderful and we are all giddy with happiness to think of being so close. I am hoping to see more visitors because we are now a lot closer and I know they have all said "if only you were 12 hours away..." haha...we will see.

But right now I am busily trying to get my house ready to sell. I actually have surprised myself with how much I have done. I was kind of in a slump for a long time and now am getting back to the old carrie...well not too old..haha. But I have been working hard and am very excited to get things cleaned up and de-junk my house. And yes you heard me say it...DE-JUNK my house...usually I have things that mean so much to me. But I am ready to let go. Ready to give it away.

I have to stay up on blogging so all my Iowa friends can keep in touch with our life. So I am really going to touch base every week and let everyone know how things are going..with the move, family, new job, etc. I just try not to think about leaving too much because if I do I start to tear up. So I just think of how great it will be to be close to family and NO MORE FREEZING COLD WINTERS!!! That is also something I am VERY excited for.

Well, I promise to keep everyone posted. Hopefully we have warmer weather around the corner for us all. It has been pretty nice here which is nice. But summer will be here soon.