Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay, I have been living in the USA now for 11 years...I like it fine down here there are are few things I would change if I ruled the world, but I don't so I am happy with what is here. One thing though that I have really had a bit of a deal with is Thanksgiving. In Canada it is in October so after thanksgiving it can be all about Christmas which is nice because you can enjoy all that time of the season... Here you have Thanksgiving and then 4 weeks later it is Christmas. Just too I am the type of person that wants to give thanksgiving its own holiday so I wait to put the tree up until the day after Thanksgiving, But it kills me sometimes to wait. This year the stores have almost seemed to cut thanksgiving out. At Walmart down there isle of season stuff I saw discounted halloween things and then christmas on the other side. Where is thanksgiving you ask..??? It was on the end of the isle and only had about 2 feet of room of things. There may have been another one on the next isle that big also.

Anyway, Enjoy the quick season of Thanksgiving and Christmas...I love this time of year. I don't like the cold but I love this time of year.

Cold......which brings me to my next thought. I think if it is going to be cold there should be snow. Yes, it is crazy to drive in but I think it makes me less mad about the cold when there is snow. (k maybe not). But if there is snow then there is a reason to be cold. Right??

Enjoy the season! and the cold (I guess)!!