Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things to be grateful for.

Okay, I know in June when I wrote I wanted to keep blogging and do it more often. Well summer has come and gone and now we are in a new school year and I really want to blog often and just thoughts. I might do a thought for a day or something like that although it might end up as a thought for the week.

Summer was GREAT. We went down to Florida and enjoyed a week on a beach!!!! It was so relaxing and just what this worn out mom of 6 needed. I even took pictures of my feet in the sand so everytime I looked at it I could go back there and imagine what it was like. It was great. We went with Neil's sister and her family and had a great time. We also stayed with them for a week and enjoyed being around cousins. We had a lot of fun.

School has started and yes I was very excited. You have to know I love my kids more than anything in the whole world but by the end of summer when they are getting on each others nerves it is time.... I also enjoy now that I can clean my house in the morning and it actually stays clean until they get home.

For my thought of the day today.... I think we need to enjoy the little things. This summer I bought a mint and lemon verbena plant along with a few other plants. When we have lemonaide and smoothies we love putting mint and lemon verbena in it. I just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning up and I went out to get myself some lemon verbena and mint to put in my lemonaide. I thought to myself this is something so little but it sure makes me smile and feel like I am taking a minute for myself. I think we need to enjoy those little minutes that bring a smile to your face.

Enjoy your day!!!