Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Back

Well, it has been quite a while. I thought I might just kind of quit this...but then I thought it might be a little theraputic. We will see....;-) So we just had the election and I kind of keep my opinions to myself....ESPECIALLY on facebook. I see people who say things and it makes me laugh because I know there will be a firestorm or opinions on what they say. I have opinions...but I can't vote...YET. I need to get on that. But I was quite disappointed on how it turned out....only because I feel like this country needs to have someone come in and get more jobs and the economy back up. It has not been done this last 4 years and now I feel it won't happen for a long while. Health Insurance is already getting us and things are going to be changing because of the cost of it. There is so much I could say....I just deleted a bunch of things because I feel it is complaining. I don't want to complain because it does not good. I need to put my efforts into getting our citizenship so we can vote in the next election and have a voice. I need to wake up and take care of my family every day and put my efforts into making lunches, getting ready, helping with homework, driving to places they need, making supper, get them ready for bed with a story (if the night is going well...;-) and then tucking them into bed to get ready to start another day. I have 6 important and fabulous kids that I need to keep track of and make sure they grow up to be hard working citizens of this GREAT country which 5 out of 6 were born in. I need to start stating things I am grateful for. I am so grateful for my family. For 4 WONDERFUL siblings who make me laugh when we are together and who will always love me unconditionaly. For my parents who I know I don't see hardly EVER but who I know would do anything for me in a minutes notice and who manage to remember every birthday that happens in this house. They are great! Life is good. Even though there are houses we would like to sell....;-)) So enjoy what we have around us and think to yourself...."It could always be worse."