Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know what I will invent!!!

As I am sitting here needing to fold the Mountain of Laundry that is sitting her I have figured out what I can invent. I AM GOING TO INVENT Disposable Clothes. I think it is great. They will be make of very earth friendly paper material of some kind and after you are done with it you can put it in your Fire place and burn it. Then it won't clog the garbages.... There will be no Laundry, no garbage... Win Win!!!! Yay. I need to get started....haha.

For my thought of the day.........I love days you can just stay in and get things done, especially when it is a little chili out. Enjoy your kids and make a nice warm supper. I have so many things to get done and it is nice to just have a day to try and get everything done. Or at least a few thing.....


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